Facebook Live – How to use Facebook Live on Mobile & Desktop | Live Stream

One of the best ways to connect with your followers is through Facebook live videos. Therefore, thanks to Facebook which has brought what we know as Facebook Live. More so, you can build a strong relationship between you and your followers. However, one can also advertise what they sell live on Facebook. Therefore, exposing your business to the viewers to know more about your product.

Facebook Live - How to use Facebook Live on Mobile & Desktop | Live Stream

Facebook live is a great aspect of Facebook in which enables one to interact with their viewers live. Furthermore, it is like no other, not only you can broadcast. But also, others can receive a live reaction from your viewers. Therefore, creating a community Facebook video. That’s why in this article you will be taught how to use the Facebook Live not only on your mobile device but also on your desktop.

How to Use the Facebook Live on Your Mobile Device – Facebook App

This section will teach you how to use Facebook live broadcast on your mobile device and stream as well. Therefore, follow the instructions carefully but firstly you need to click on the Facebook app on your phone making sure your data connection is on. Here are the guides:

  • Once the app opens, visit your Facebook profile and tap on your status bar. A menu will open in which you click on the “Go Live” option.
  • A pop out might come out asking of permission for Facebook to access your camera and microphone of which you should allow it.
  • The Facebook camera will then open, and make sure you switch to Live.
  • You can tap to add a description on the bottom of your screen explaining what your broadcast is all about.
  • You can set your privacy setting to only you, public or to just your friends; it all depends on you. It is located at the top of your screen.
  • You can set your posting settings either to post or story.
  • You can add emoticons, filter, writings and many more to your video by clicking the wand-like icon on the left bottom of the screen.

More Tips to go on Live on Facebook – Broadcast Live

  • You can tag a friend(s), select location, and add an activity by clicking on the 3 icons close to each other at the right bottom of your screen consecutively.
  • You can also set your camera’s direction by clicking on the camera icon at the top right of your screen.
  • After completing the above setting, you can then click on “start live video” to start broadcasting.
  • Once you are through with broadcasting, click on “Finish” to end your live video.
  • You can download your video by clicking on the download button so as to save it on your device, or you can either delete or post your Live video by clicking on DELETE or POST option.

How to Use Facebook Live on Desktop – Facebook Video

Not only can you access Facebook Live through your phone but it can also be done through your desktop. Therefore, this is so amazing for the fact that you can have a wide range of view and a stable broadcast. It is very effective when making a broadcast of a board meeting. So, here are the guides in making use of Facebook Live on Desktop:

  • You start by opening the Facebook app and on your screen, you click on box displaying “Write something”.
  • A menu will come up, you click on the “see all” option which is at the bottom of the menu to bring out other hidden options.
  • Then, you click on the “Start a Live Video” icon.
  • On the Description box, write a short and precise text on what your live video is all about.
  • It will ask you to grant permission to Facebook to have access to your camera and microphone of which you should click “Allow”.
  • Here, you will have an option to click if you want to share live video to an external device.
  • You click on “Go Live” whenever you are ready to broadcast.
  • Once you are through it the process, click on “Finish” to end the broadcast.
  • You can edit the post, change the date, delete the post, or hide it from the timeline and it will also appear on your News Feed.

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