Smart Pill Box – Super Mini Memo Box Reminder

A lot of people don’t know how to manage their meds, especially when taking medications at home. However, this is usually not a deliberate action for most people because some people tend not to remember to take their meds. Therefore, this is a very big and serious issue due to the fact that when will fail in taking our meds it actually affect our health status. This is why technology has meet with the solution by producing the smart pill box. Furthermore, this is a mini memo box that reminds you to take your medications when you forget.

The Smart Pill Box - Super Mini Memo Box Reminder

More so, the smart pill box is a mini memo box that serves as a meds storage box and as well a reminder too. Therefore, the box prides itself with smart tech functions to make you not to forget a dosage of your meds. Particularly, users can carry this box around as it is very small and not heavy at all. Also, the smart memo box alerts its users timely on their meds dosage.

More About the Memo Box Device

Basically, the smart mini memo box connects with your mobile device. Therefore, the devices will expertly manage your meds with apps. Particularly, when it is time for a medication to be taken it buzzes with intention so you will have to give attention to it. More so, it combines its buzz with vibration as well, until you come to realization of it. Also, if you leave the device at home the app on your phone will notify you.

Features of the Smart Pill Box – Mini Memo Box

Therefore, the device is expertly built with features to meet the needs of its users. However, with the smart box users will never miss a dosage of their meds again.

  1. The device is small, so its users can easily carry it around like a mobile phone.
  2. It has a 2.6 x 1.4 inch and a 6.6 x 3.5cm in its body measurements.
  3. Also, the device has a notification led light.
  4. It also, have a space inside to keep your meds
  5. You can connect the smart pill box app with your mobile phone.

How to Use the Smart Memo Box – Download Smart Memo Box App

Basically, using the mini memo box or smart pill box is very easy as you just have to download the app and connects it with your mobile phone. Particularly, you can download the smart pill box app from Google play store.

Therefore, with the app you can set how your med dosage and time to take your meds as prescribe by your physician. More so, you can set your reminder style and also, your daily, weekly and Monthly dosage via the app.

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